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Body Piercing by Julie Lindsey

*House of Ink Tattoo will ONLY pierce or tattoo ages 18+. Even if you have parental consent we will not pierce or tattoo you. You must have a VALID photo I.D. No children or food allowed in the shop.

Anchors/Dermals are $50 each piercing. The price includes jewelry, a titanium base and many many gem tops to choose from.

Genitals are $50 each piercing. The price includes jewelry and we have a multitude of quality jewelry to choose from as well as upgrades. Nipples are considered genitals as well. *Note: If you get both nipples pierced in the same visit they cost $80 for both jewelry included (titanium internally threaded bars).

Industrials $45 for the entire piercing. The price includes jewely, a titanium internally threaded bar.

All others $40 each piercing. All others translates to all the other piercings, Lip, Labret, Tongue, Eyebrow, Daith, Rook, Tragus, Nostril, Septum ect.

We also carry all kinds of piercing and tattoo aftercare

Unless you choose otherwise all initial piercing jewelry is IMPLANT GRADE TITANIUM or other high quality metal. After you are healed your welcome to put anything you like in, but just remember there is alot of garbage jewelry out there, some of it containing toxic chemicals and metals.

We also have a nice selection of unique body jewelry. From simple to upscale we most likley have it and we get more in weekly. You will also find fine brand names such as BVLA, NEOMETAL, LEROI AND MORE!.

Daith Piercings

Industrial Piercings


Eyebrow Piercings

FEW photos of our high quality jewelry

Random assortment of piercings

We carry much more than we can post here. From BVLA, NEOMETAL, LEROI, ANATOMETAL and more. Come into our shop and see!

Piercing Aftercare
From the famous H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare to all the others we got you covered! DON'T BE AFTERCARELESS!

Areola/nipple Reconstruction by Julie Lindsey

Areola / Nipple 3-D Reconstruction tattooing in Salt Lake City, Utah
Realism 3-D nipple tattooing for breast cancer warriors.
Instead of using tissue to rebuild a nipple, some women choose to have a nipple tattooed on the reconstructed breast.
The most realistic results are achieved with 3-D areola (nipple) tattoos, which are basically real tattoos that use oscillating needles coated with pigment. The needles insert the pigment into the skin. You are numbed with a topical anesthetic to help alleviate any discomfort. This approach essentially creates a “picture” of a nipple and has no physical dimension, but it does look and appear quite real. I can use a wide range of colors and one session is usually all that’s needed, although I do offer a free touch-up within 4-6 weeks to make certain everything is perfect! I can even turn regular nipples into shapes such as hearts, stars ect.
My name is Julie Lindsey and I have been the lead piercer for 5 years. I am also trained and have been the full time body piercer as well as the shop manager. I would love to help you begin the final length of your journey to recovery.
Questions? Call Julie at our shop or private message us. Set up your appointment over the phone 801.266.2030. Please share this with people who may have an interest. Please contact Julie for accurate pricing.