House of Ink
Tattoo & Piercing
Sterile, Private, Professional
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About us...

        House of Ink Tattoo is located in Salt Lake City Utah. Current members of our shop include James, Julie and Jason. HOI has been a licensed business since 2009.
We are a licensed as well as a Health Department inspected business.
We offer everything from tattooing (James and Jason). Areola/nipple reconstruction 3-D tattooing for women who have been through mastectomies and professional body piercing and a wide array of super high quality body jewelry (Julie). Everyone working here has been trained, apprenticed or has gone through schooling for their respective trade. Everyone working here is also required to go through a blood borne pathogen course. We are proud of the work we do and strive to learn more everyday.

Positioning for an Industrial Piercing.

Julie finishing up an anchor/dermal piercing just below the left eye. (Anti-eyebrow).